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Introducing the future of rifle stock versatility – the Amend2 Modular Chassis, or AMC!

At Amend2, we understand that every shooter is unique, and that's why we've developed the AMC – a revolutionary stock and chassis system that allows the end user to switch between different stock platforms while maintaining action and optic mounting integrity.

What sets the AMC apart? One word – Modularity. With the AMC, you can swap between multiple stock options without rezeroing your scope. No adjustments when you want to change from a lightweight stock for hunting to a chassis for long range competitions. Our modular design supports most major rifle actions, ensuring compatibility and ease of use. Each stock or chassis provides its own set of unique features. Whether it’s one piece, folding, removable handguard, or thermal/night vision clip on rail space, we have you covered.

Changing your stock is a less than 30-second job, and only requires one tool. Each cam bolt is turned 180 degrees and releases the chassis to be put into another stock or chassis.

The AMC isn't just about modularity; it's about enhancing your shooting platform. Our patented mini chassis design has self-bedding crush technology that will improve your rifle’s precision and accuracy. Improve the performance of your factory rifle in minutes.

Upgrade your rifle platform with the Amend2 Modular Chassis – where modularity meets precision.