Stand out from the crowd with unique designs each month



Each mag has a authentic Cerakote topcoat for toughness



Each mag comes on a tried and true Mod-3 or Mod-C Amend2 magazine

What is the Special Edition Program?

When we started this program back in 2022, we saw a big opportunity to provide not only badass black mags to the market, but also fun, vibrant, unique, and also badass colorful mags. Each month we design and release a different pattern on our tried and true AR-15 magazines. Most of them are on either a brand-new Mod-3 or Mod-C translucent mag, but all of them are ready to adorn your kit with something that very few people have. Be the envy of the house, the range, or wherever you go with these beautiful Special Edition mags!

If you are a dealer looking to get an exclusive mag design, please reach out to us at customer@amend2mags.com. Mimimum quantities apply.

Oh, and also, there are super limited quantities of each design. So if you like them, you gotta hop on quick at the beginning of each month to secure yours. Or you could subscribe. Speaking of which.......

Why should I subscribe?

Great question. Simple answer.

These mags have been selling out very quick each month. It is inevitable that every month after the mags sell out we have numerous people asking if that mag is coming back. The short and simple answer is that no, the mag will not be coming back. With very few exceptions, like if the design changes slightly. Again, very rare.

With the subscription, you guarantee yourself that you will get one of the mags. No need to worry about missing the drop and then hopping on a few days later and it being gone. Peace of mind is big here.

You save 10% on each mag when you subscribe.

Starting in 2024, we are doing giveaways each month that only subscribers are eligible for. These giveaways will include items like custom knives, tomahawks, rifle bags, helmets, gear, etc. Long story short, you'll want to subscribe just for this.

How does it work?

On the page for the special edition mag of the month, you will be confronted with a few different choices:

- The first choice is whether you want 1, 2, or 3 mags.
- The second choice is whether you want to make it a One-Time Purchase or if you want to Send Every 1 Month.

We would love to have you select Send Every 1 Month and get subscribed. More mags for you, YAY! But if you don't want to subscribe and you just want that month's mag, go ahead and choose One-Time Purchase.

Small note, the subscription is only available for 1 or 2 mags. If you select 3 mags, the Send Every 1 Month option will gray out.

Then BOOM, that's it. Just place the order and we will take care of the future months.

Due to the custom nature of these special edition mags, they may take up to 2 weeks to ship. Thank you for your patience! Discount codes do not work on special edition mags, with extremely rare exceptions.





Past Mags



Loving these!

Loving this subscription. Great quality mags that perform flawlessly!

- Chris

Monthly magazine subscription

I have been getting the monthly magazine subscription for almost a year now all of them look good and work flawlessly. Plus it’s always fun to see what they come out with the next month.

- David

Limited Edition Magazine

Great, clean running magazine with a little bit of FIRE!!

- Jeremy