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Looking for the best selection of AR-15 magazines? Explore our wide range of mags, including AR-15 magazines, AR-10 magazines, AICS magazines, and pistol mags.

Discover high-quality magazines that offer reliable feeding and durability. Shop now and take your mags to the next level.



Upgrade your rifle setup with the Amend2 Modular Stock. The base model offers MLOK customization, while the battery storage and lower storage compartment models provide on-the-go power and quick access to essentials. Opt for the full storage model for ultimate versatility.

The Pistol Grip Enhanced and Vertical Foregrip enhance weapon handling with an aggressive, non-slip texture for control in dynamic situations.



Introducing the Amend2 Modular Chassis (AMC) – revolutionizing rifle customization for versatility. Seamlessly switch between stocks without re-zeroing your scope.

The modular design supports most major rifles, offering compatibility and ease. Changing stocks is a breeze – no tools needed. Enhance your shooting experience and adapt with confidence.


Mod-3 AR-15 Mags

Introducing the Amend2 Mod-3, a game-changer in AR-15 magazines. Crafted for duty-ready performance, these magazines are made from cutting-edge materials, ensuring uncompromising durability. The Mod-3 is heat-resistant, impact-resistant, and rigid for flawless performance in any environment. Tested rigorously in extreme conditions, it sets a new standard of excellence. Upgrade to the Amend2 Mod-3 for reliability when it matters most.



Upgrade your AR-15 with Amend2® furniture for mission adaptability. The base model Amend2 Modular Stock offers MLOK customization, while the battery and lower storage options cater to on-the-go needs. Opt for the full storage model for ultimate functionality. The Amend2® Pistol Grip Enhanced and Vertical Foregrip feature an aggressive texture for a secure hold, slim design for improved ergonomics, and durable nylon construction for reliability in challenging conditions. Elevate your rifle setup with Amend2® AR-15 furniture – your mission, your way.


Amend2 Modular Chassis

Introducing the Amend2 Modular Chassis (AMC) – a game-changer in rifle customization. The AMC offers unprecedented versatility, allowing you to effortlessly switch between various stock options without re-zeroing your scope. Its tool-free, 1-2-3 process makes changing stocks quick and convenient, enhancing your shooting experience. Compatible with most major rifles, the AMC ensures adaptability and precision, giving you the power to tailor your rifle to your unique preferences. Upgrade to the AMC for a rifle that truly adapts to you.


Our Journey

Amend2® has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years, evolving from a company primarily known for producing budget-friendly AR-15 magazines into a comprehensive provider of high-quality, innovative products catering to a diverse spectrum of shooters. This strategic shift is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, fueled by intensive research in material science and a deep understanding of market dynamics.

Our journey towards diversification and enhancement began with a dedicated focus on elevating the standards of our offerings. Through meticulous research, development, and investments in cutting-edge material science, Amend2® has successfully broadened its product range to meet the demands of a diverse customer base. While we remain dedicated to affordability, our commitment to quality has led us to transcend the confines of budget-focused products, enabling us to serve everyone from casual range-goers to elite special operators.

The expansion of our product line reflects not only our dedication to providing options for shooters on a budget but also our recognition of the need to cater to those who prioritize top-tier performance and features. From magazines to a comprehensive array of shooting accessories, we now stands as a one-stop-shop for shooters seeking reliability, durability, and versatility in their gear.

This evolution positions us as a versatile and dynamic player in the firearms industry, capable of meeting the needs of a wide range of customers. Whether someone is seeking cost-effective solutions for recreational shooting or investing in the absolute best for professional applications, Amend2 is poised to deliver unmatched performance and value. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with a diverse product portfolio, solidifies our reputation as a brand that has not only grown but has evolved into a leader in the industry, setting new standards for quality and innovation.

Customer Testimonials


"These Mod-3 mags are great, as are all of Amend2's product line. If you need some mags, get some of these. Even if you think you don't need any more mags, you need some of these. These are must haves."

PistolGrip44   - 14 DEC 2023


"Amend2 mags are my favorite mags. I have so many of their magazines, including Mod1. These mags are simply amazing, and the clear ones add a cool factor above all else! Sure, windowed mags are fun, but completely transparent, AND strong? YES PLEASE! Buy 1, 2, 15, however many you want, I promise these will be your constant rotation, just like they are mine!"

DroneShot FPV   - 17 MAR 2023


"Just like their mags, the new Amend2 grip does not disappoint. Speaking for myself, the ergonomics are spot-on and the aggressive texture is a big improvement over the stock A2."

Jose R  - 21 MAR 2023